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Society for the protection of animals Ljubljana is a non-profit, non-governmental, humane, volunteer organization.

Since its establishment in January 1999, we are trying to improve the situation and status of neglected animals and to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

By raising awareness, informing and education we try to prevent  irresponsible attitude towards the animals in the long-run while we  try to help as many animals in need of assistance as we can every day.

Work for the SPA is voluntary, SPA is funded from willful contributions, donations, subscriptions and from the sale of products.


SPA management

SPA is lead by the Management Comittee in which all members are equivalent in decision-making.

Management Comittee composed of (in alphabetical order): Maša Cerjak Kastelic, Ena Kobentar, Pia Petrovčič, Alja Willenpart.


Expert -Supervisory Committee (in alphabetical order): Nataša Lokar, Polona Samec.


Changes in the management of the Society for the Protection of Animals Ljubljana were accepted at the General Assembly on 15. 2. 2017.

Statute of Society

Amendments to the Statute of the Society for the Protection of Animals Ljubljana were accepted at the General Assembly on 15. 2. 2017 and complemented on 8 March 2017.


Honorary membership

At annual General Assembly of the SPA on 26.2.2009, Polona Samec, a member of  Expert Committee of the SPA and owner of the shelter Horjul, has been chosen as an honorary member of the SPA Ljubljana for exceptional achievements and efforts in the field of animal protection and animal rights.

Once a very active member of the SPA is although she has a shelter to run always available for advice, ideas and moral support to all who needs her. Her experience is relevant to the functioning of the SPA, especially  issues realting to handeling animals and protection of their rights, so she certainly deserves the title of honorary member of the Society for the Protection of Animals of Ljubaljana.


Function of public interest

Since 2002 we have a status of an association acting in the public interest.  This status is assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment under article 34 of the Law on Animal Welfare as following:

"The association, operating in the area of animal protection, shall, when acquiring the status of the association, operating in the function of public interest, besides general requirements according to the law, that regulates the societies, also satisfy the following special conditions:

– the society has more than 30 members;
– work of the society is in the conformity with the aims of this law, which is proven with the adopted statute of the society;
– the prescribed percentage of members must attend the trainings on the field of animal welfare and behaviour and regulations on animal protection according to the programme, confirmed by the minister.

The activities in the public interest, carried out by the societies from the preceding paragraph are:
– to encourage the responsible animal ownership;
– to give advice to animal owners;
– to organise trainings on the field of animal welfare;
– to collaborate with animal shelters;
– to warn animal owners what are the irregularities and illegalities in relation to the protection of animals."


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